Hi! Call me Siti! I’m an illustrator, comic artist, and virtual assistant. So what can I do for you?

Well, a lot actually.

Not only can I help you with various multimedia and communication tasks for your business, but I’m also available for all kinds of illustration jobs that’ll surely grab the attention of your clients!

Siti Pol

Siti Pol

Illustrator, Comic Artist and Virtual Assistant

Siti has been a creative person since day one. Born with a pencil in her hand and stories in her head that all need to get out.

She has her own indie comics brand, AppleDragon, where she self-publishes her own stories.

Siti finds it very important to promote diverse representations of race, gender, religion, and the LGBTQ+ community and spread the message of positivity that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect.

She has experience with all the famous Adobe programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator, but also knows some unknown jewels like MediBang.
The internet also has no secrets for her. She knows various tools that can easily help you with your graphic design and social media.

From: The Netherlands
Favorite online tools: Canva – Buffer – Twitter
Favorite things to draw: Character design – creature design – facial expressions.
Favorite Western comics: Franka – TMNT – The Creeper – Zombillenium – Les Nombrils – Green Class
Favorite manga: Trigun – Berserk – Black Lagoon

  • Creative Force 90% 90%
  • Adobe Knowledge 70% 70%
  • Perfectionist 80% 80%
  • Comic Book Lover 100% 100%

Interested to work with this force of creativity? 

Email is recommended

sitipol.illustrations (at) gmail.com

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