• Rates can be done by the hour or a fixed price
  • When done by the hour, a payment schedule is set up. Work won’t be continued when the schedule isn’t followed
  • When doing a fixed price, payment has to be done upfront. A minimum of 50% is allowed. At the end of the project, the remaining 50% will be paid before the project will be released

General Terms of Use

  • Any work may not be used for any transaction involving cryptocurrency/NFTs without a written agreement
  • Work delivered is for non-profit promotional use only, unless stated otherwise in a written agreement
  • The rights are with the client and the creator
  • If the client is interested in owning the full rights, a new written agreement has to be settled
  • When having an interest in commercial use, a percentage of the profits is for the creator
  • Credit should always be given/visible
  • If changes are needed, these will be done by the creator and not a different party, unless stated otherwise in a written agreement
  • When the project is canceled before the deadline, 50% of the rate will be kept plus costs depending on the time already spent on the project
  • When a project is canceled, the rights of the product stay with the creator, but won’t be used for other clients. If the client wants to continue/finish the canceled project, a new contract with an invoice will be made
  • When any of the above are broken is a breach of contract and can result in a fine

Do you have any more questions? You can check out the FAQ first. Are your questions not there or interested in working together? Then send me a message!

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