What are your rates?

My rate starts at €50 / $58 a hour, taxes and fees not included.

Help! I lost the files of your work!

No problemo! I save all the files of my clients and will send them to you free of charge!

Do you want to change something to it, tell me and I’ll send you the invoice for the changes that needs to be paid first.

May I use your work for profit?

The work I offer is for promotional and non-profit use only, like using it to advertise yourself or to accompany your report.

If you are interested to put my work on merchandise to sell, please notify me and we’ll set up a contract where I give you written permission. In exchange, I get a percentage of the profit and I will be in charge if changes are needed.

If you do not notify me and use my work for profit without my consent, it’s a breach of contract, resulting in a fine plus payment of the missing profit percentages.

I'm interested into buying the rights of your work

Contact me and we can talk about the possibilities.

Email is recommended. Send your message with a clear subject to:

sitipol.illustrations (at) gmail.com

May I use your work for NFTs?

Any work of me and between us may not be used for any transaction involving cryptocurrency/NFTs without a written agreement, where both are aware of the risks.

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