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You have a story to tell. And you want to share it. But for that, you need to do some work. Blègh. That already ruins the mood. I get it.

I can help you by giving you a little boost in the beginning with your research part. Tell me what you want to know and I’ll look it up, so you won’t have to.
And afterward, I can make you some illustrations, so you can catch the eye of your intended audience for certain.

-Important comic facts

Comics improve reading skills and visual thinking and they create a more emotional connection with the reader. Did you know that?

In conclusion, comics are a great and unique educational medium to tell stories and share knowledge about all possible subjects.

So why not tell your story through a comic?

-Where are the pictures?

May sound a bit childish, but a simple drawing already attracts more attention than text alone.

Just think, what would you prefer to read more? A wall of text or a wall of text with some pretty pictures?

Let me help you with those pictures. I love making pretty pictures.

-Do your research!

No story is done without some proper research beforehand. Getting the facts straight. And that can be a LOT of work. And that can ruin your mood sometimes.

Let me help you with that. I love doing some research. I’ll search for you the most important facts and deliver them to you on a digital platter.

Portrait photo of Siti Pol

Who is this VA?

Hi! Call me Siti! I’m an illustrator, comic artist, and virtual assistant.

Creative person since my first day on this weird planet. I was born with a pencil in my hand and thousands of stories in my head that all need to get out.
I now mainly draw digitally, with a drawing tablet and art programs, like Medibang and Clip Studio Paint.

I even have my own indie comics brand, AppleDragon, where I self-publish all of my own stories via webcomics and/or self-publishing.

I find it very important to promote diverse representations of race, gender, religion, and the LGBTQIA+ community and spread the message of positivity that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect.

From: The Netherlands with Indonesian roots
Pronouns: She/her
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual
Favorite things to draw: TMNT – Horror – Killer SheKlowns
Favorite Western comics: Franka (NL) – TMNT (USA) – The Creeper (USA) – Zombillenium (FR) – Les Nombrils (CND) – Green Class (BE)
Favorite JP manga: Trigun – Berserk – Black Lagoon


AppleDragon Comics is the brand name of my collected indie comics by yours truly. AppleDragon Comics has a wide range of comics of various genres, like horror, romance, and comedy.

Turtle Madness

One thing you must know about me is that I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. Big enough to do a lot of fanart and even have a fansite. You’re welcome to visit.

Life Is Short

Life Is Short

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has gone into history as one of the shittiest years ever. I surely can tell. Christmas 2020. When you’d think the awful would finally be over and you’re free to start again, fresh, in a brand new year…I only got into a worse pickle...

Visuals; When and Why?

Visuals; When and Why?

One day I was flipping through a magazine. I saw in the list of contents that they had an article about Tiny Houses. I love Tiny Houses. I find them fascinating. So I immediately flipped to the right page. But I was immediately disappointed that the article was...

How to Image Search on Google

How to Image Search on Google

Need a pretty picture fast? No fear! Google is here! And with the Google image search, you'll have a snappy photo for your presentation within a second! Perfect right? Well... no. Just because you can easily find a pretty picture doesn't automatically mean it's there...

What are your rates?

Check my retainers above but if you’re not in the mood to scroll:

My rate starts at €65 ($70) an hour for comics & illustrations and €35 ($38) an hour for research/virtual assistance.

Prices can vary depending on the kind of project. Taxes and fees are not included.

You can also find my General Terms Of Use here, so you’ll know what you can find in a contract.

Help! I lost the files of your work!

No problemo! I save all the files of my clients and will send them to you free of charge!

Do you want to change something to it, tell me and I’ll send you the invoice for the changes that needs to be paid first.

May I use your art for profit?

The work I offer is for promotional and non-profit use only, like using it to advertise yourself or to accompany your report.

If you want to put my work on merchandise to sell, please notify me and we’ll set up a contract where I give you written permission. In exchange, I get a percentage of the profit and I will be in charge if changes are needed.

If you do not notify me and use my work for profit without my consent, it’s a breach of contract, resulting in a fine plus payment of the missing profit percentages.

I'm interested into buying the rights of your work

Contact me and we can talk about the possibilities.

Email is recommended. Send your message with a clear subject to:

sitipol.illustrations (at)

Why are you so against NFT/AI?

I’m not against NFT/AI as a whole. At the core, the idea is good, but in its current state, it is WAY too early to use NFT/AI.
It’s mostly Generative AI I am against. 

At the moment, AI is mostly used to steal. Works of many creative professionals are just being stolen to train AI, no permission is given anywhere. Texts, art, photos. Even personal ones.

It shows zero respect for the creative industry and it’s only used to save money in the sense of stealing the jobs of artists and cutting corners where it’s not needed at all.

AI is supposed to be an enrichment to everyone. A tool to save time and money, without anyone losing their jobs. It’s not to replace people. But AI is now being used for that.

May I use your work for NFTs/AI?

Did you not read the above?

Any work between me and the client may NOT be used for any transaction involving cryptocurrency/NFTs or AI/machine learning.
Even if you’re interested in buying rights, there will be a clause in the agreement saying that any use for NFT/AI will NOT be allowed.

The question I want to ask isn't here

You’re welcome to send me a message.

You can use the form below or send it to:

sitipol.illustrations (at)

Please use a clear subject so I know it’s a question and not spam.

You can also check my FAQ page where I have my general terms and conditions.

For The General Questions

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