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AppleDragon Comics

AppleDragon Comics is the brand name of my collected indie comics by yours truly. AppleDragon Comics has a wide range of comics of various genres, like horror, romance, and comedy.

Life Is Short

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has gone into history as one of the shittiest years ever. I surely can tell. Christmas 2020. When you’d think the awful would finally be over and you’re free to start again, fresh, in a brand new year…I only got into a worse pickle...

Visuals; When and Why?

One day I was flipping through a magazine. I saw in the list of contents that they had an article about Tiny Houses. I love Tiny Houses. I find them fascinating. So I immediately flipped to the right page. But I was immediately disappointed that the article was...

How to Image Search on Google

Need a pretty picture fast? No fear! Google is here! And with the Google image search, you'll have a snappy photo for your presentation within a second! Perfect right? Well... no. Just because you can easily find a pretty picture doesn't automatically mean it's there...

Basic Image Know-How

It helps a lot if you know the basics of all kinds of things. So let me share with you some basics about images. GIF - The very simple, basic format. Do not use it if you want high-quality graphics. The file size is small and it loads very fast, but the image comes...

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